Are there any uniform requirements?


You can wear whatever colour gi you like, but we do ask that they roughly meet the IBJJF sizing requirements (not too tight or baggy, not too short/long and that the collar isn't too thick). BJJ gis please, not judo gis.


Spats, VTs, grappling shorts, rash guards and singlets are fine for no gi. There are no ranked colour requirements. Please don't compete in t-shirts, anything with metal on it, anything with pockets and no, you can't wear wrestling boots.


What are the rules?

Whilst we're using the IBJJF rules, we're asking our refs to use some leniency in their interpretation, especially for the lower grades. This means that we'll try and use English rather than Portuguese, and warn competitors if they're about to reap or grab someone's shorts (for example).

How do the weigh ins work?

Regardless of whether you're doing gi, no gi, or both, you only need to weigh in once - wearing shorts and a t-shirt. You do not need to wear your gi or your no gi gear to weigh in, just shorts and a t-shirt is fine. We will allow a small amount of leeway with your weight to allow for scale differences, but if you're too heavy you'll be disqualified. You can change your own weight class on Smoothcomp until 23:59 on Tuesday 8th March.

Please be at the venue an hour before your first match is due to start, in case your match is moved forward. Smoothcomp will update in real time. You can weigh in half an hour before your first match. 

What division do people that have experience in similar combat sports compete in?

If you're a competitive wrestler, a judo black belt, a professional MMA fighter, or have had more than 2 amateur MMA fights, please enter at blue belt (or higher) or you risk being disqualified. If you only do no gi, please don't sandbag - enter at the appropriate no gi division. Contact us if you need help deciding. If your child or under 18 year old student is a judo brown or black belt, and a BJJ white belt, please contact us to find the right division for them.

How do we check or change our own entry? 

Smoothcomp allows you to make changes yourself. They have a support section you can search if you're stuck. If something isn't working, please can you double check whether it works on a laptop or desktop, or on your phone browser's desktop view before contacting us.


I'm ill/injured, can I cancel my entry?

Yes, you can cancel for a full refund until 2 weeks out (23:59 on the 26th February). After that you can cancel for a 100% coupon refund until 23:59 Wednesday 9th March. If you end up being alone in your division after the brackets are released, or you're the only one present on the day then we'll refund you - you may need to message us to request this.

Can I compete at both masters and adult?

Yes you can (or two different weight divisions at either masters or adult). However if you want the discount to be applied twice, you'll have to register twice - once at adult, then once at masters (or vice versa). You can enter at both adult and masters for the absolute as well if you're crazy/enthusiastic enough to potentially get squashed x 2.